Biology Chapter 2A

Question Answer
chemistry the study of matter and the changes it experiences
matter matter is the physical stuff that makes up the universe
atoms the basic building blocks of matter; smallest individual particles made of nucleus which has protons, neutrons, and electrons
anion negatively charged ion, which occurs because of extra electron
cation positively charged ion, which occurs when there are fewer electrons than protons.
Ionic compound A compound held together by opposite electrical charges; Its smallest part is formula unit
Covalent compound Compounds that form when atoms share electrons

It's smallest part is called a molecule.

Definition of Physical Change When matter's identity in not changed
Definition of Chemical Change When matter's identity is changed
Observations in Physical Change A change in shape or form
Observations in Chemical Change makes light or heat or change in color
Examples of Physical Change Water evaporating; wheat ground to flour, ice melting
Examples of Chemical Change rust, food, digesting, woord rotting
proton particle in the nucleus that is positively charged
neutron a particle in the nucleus that is neutrally charged
electron particles found in the electron cloud of an atom that is negatively charged
valance electrons electrons found in the outermost level of electron cloud
electrically neutral atom with the same number of electrons and protons
entropy tendency of energy to spread out
molecule the smallest part of a covalent bond
compound a pure substance made of two or more chemically combined elements

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