Skeletal System Medical Terminology Skeletal System

Below are the main terminology related to skeletal system. This would be highly useful for all medical and nursing school students. If this is not enoght for you and you need a kind of professional medical or nursing assignment help with your paper, ask a specialist for help! Don’t be shy to ask for assistance with your task because it’s okay for a human not to know something.

Question Answer
Oss/e, Oss/i, Oste/o, Ost/o Bones
myel/o bone marrow
chondr/o cartilage
arthr/o joints
ligament/o ligaments
synovi/o synovial
burs/o bursa
ankylosis loss of mobility due to injury, disease or surgery (ankyl means crooked, bent or stiff and osis means abnormal condition)
Arthralgia joint paint
bursitis inflammation of the bursa
chondroma tumor growth in cartilage cells
chondromalacia abnormal softening of cartilage
synovitis inflammation of synovial membrane
arthritis inflammation of joint
osteoarthritis bone and joint inflammation
osteodynia or ostealgia bone pain
osteitis inflammation of the bone
osteomalacia abnormal softening of the bone
osteomyelitis inflammation of the bone and bone marrow
osteonecrosis death of bone tissue – usually caused by insufficient blood supply, infection, cancer or trauma
myeloma tumor derived from bone marrow
osteochondroma bone and cartilage tumor
Porosis porous condition
osteoporosis loss of bone density re/to increase in bone porosity – means bone less dense
Fx fracture
arthrocentesis surgical puncture of a joint to remove synovial fluid
arthroscopy visual examination of a joint
bursectomy surgical removal of bursa
chondroplasty surgical repair of cartilage
synovectomy surgical removal of synovial membrane – this is done to repair joint damage
arthroplasty surgical repair of joint
diskectomy surgical removal of intervertebral disk
craniectomy surgical removal of portion of the skull
cranioplasty surgical repair of the skull
ostectomy surgical removal of a bone
osteoplasty surgical repair of a bone
osteotomy surgical incision of a bone – usually done to realign after surgery or arthritis
arthrodesis surgical immobilization of a joint by fusing adjacent bones together
herniated disk spinal disks bulge out of their designated space
ruptured disk spinal disks break open
This type of arthritis usually affects smaller joints of the hands and feet Rheumatoid Arthritis
Knee and elbow are what types of joints hinge joints
Function of the phalanges movement
Type of joint is the neck pivot
Function of the sternum organ protetion
Function of the femur weight bearing
The calcaneus is what? heal bone
The ischium is located? pelvis

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