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What price did the Quakers (Society of Friends) pay for their beliefs? Members were jailed in both England and Scotland. They also were harassed by their neighbors throughout the empire.
What did William Penn give up when he became a member of the society of Friends? His privilege, luxury, and self-indulgence in the restoration society for the morally demanding life of the friends.
What did King Charles II grant William in 1681? What did this allow Penn to do? A charter to a huge area west of the Delaware river. It allowed him to create of refuge for the Quakers that embodied their principles.
What did he call his new colony? Pennsylvania.
True or False
The Quakers thought all men and women were equal.
Penn's land polices reflected Quaker values how? He wanted no politically powerful land lords or economically dependent farmers.
He insisted that the land be purchased from the Indians fairly, why? He wanted to maintain peace between the two cultures.
What ethnics groups of their settlers come from?
English, Irish, Scottish, French, Welsh, Scandinavian, and German
The new comers from Germany such as the Mennonites and Amish became known as the (blank). "Pennsylvania Dutch"

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