Atmosphere 7th grade

Term Definition
Atmosphere The layer of gases that surrounds a planet.
Photosynthesis The process in which plants produce simple sugars (food energy) from carbon dioxide, water, and energy from sunlight. Photosynthesis uses carbon dioxide and releases oxygen.
Respiration The process in which organisms convert sugar into useful food energy. Respiration burns oxygen and produces carbon dioxide.
Ultraviolet Radiation High energy radiation from the Sun that can be dangerous to Earth’s life.
Exosphere 228 miles, “means outer”, it is the outermost layer of the atmosphere extends into space.
Thermosphere 31-248 miles, “means heat”, temperature range from below freezing near the inside edge to hotter than 2000 degrees fahrenheit near the exosphere layer where space shuttles orbit Aurora borealis is seen here
Mesosphere 18-31 miles, “means middle”, Meteors seen here, Air in the mesosphere is thinner
Stratosphere 6-18 miles, Ozone layer is here. The ozone layer protects us from harmful UV rays. It is very dry here
Troposphere 0-6 miles, Air is made up of nitrogen and oxygen. Weather occurs here. Clouds here block the sun's heat during the day and at night it stays in. The higher up one goes in this layer the lower the temperature.
What gases are used and expelled by photosynthesis and respiration? Photosynthesis uses carbon dioxide and expels oxygen. Respiration uses oxygen and expels carbon dioxide.
Where is the largest concentration of ozone and what value does it have? It is in the Stratosphere and we need it to protect us from harmful UV rays.
What does the atmosphere do? It keeps the temperatures on earth stable.
How are humans changing the composition of the atmosphere? The burning coal, oil, and natural gas is producing carbon dioxide and other gases.
What is the negative effect of that? These gas absorbs the sun’s heat and traps it in our atmosphere. This could cause our temperatures to become unstable.
If Earth didn't have an atmosphere what would global temperatures be like? They would be really hot during the day and really cold at night.
Which layer of the atmosphere has most of the air? The Troposphere.
If you were to send a bottle rocket 15 kilometers up into the air, which layer of the atmosphere would it be in? The Stratosphere.
What are the most common gases in Earth’s atmosphere? nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide
Why is it important to protect the stratosphere? It contains the ozone, which protects Earth from the sun’s radiation.
Why aren’t there many meteors in the troposphere? They burn up before they reach the troposphere.

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