LE Unit 1 Quiz 1

Term Definition
Nutrition how an organism obtains materials from its environment and prepares them for use Life Function (LF)
Transport absorption of materials into the organism and distribution of the materials within the organism LF
Respiration chemical processes by which an organism obtains energy from food materials in order to maintain its life functions LF
Excretion The removal of waste products produced within the organism as a result of metabolic activities (does NOT include elimination of undigested wastes) LF
Synthesis all chemical activities by which an organism builds large molecules from smaller ones LF
Regulation the control and coordination of the various activities of an organism; includes response to stimuli LF
Growth The use of the products of synthesis to increase the cell size and/or the number of cells in an organism LF
Reproduction The production of new individuals necessary for the survival of the type of organism or species LF
Metabolism the chemical processes by which an organism carries on its life functions and maintains its life
Homeostasis The maintenance of a stable internal environment in spite of changes in the external environment
What are the 8 LIFE FUNCTIONS? Triple R GENTS
3R GENTS = Respiration, Regulation, Reproduction, Growth, Excretion, Nutrition, Transport, Synthesis
What are NOT Life Functions? Metabolism and Homeostasis

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