literary terms week2

Term Definition
dynamic a character that changes throughout the course of the literary work
static a character who remains the same throughout the literary work
inderect the writer reveals information about a character and there personality through that characters thoughts words and actions
direct the writer specifically states what a character is like
mood the climate of feeling in a literary work
tone the authors attitude stated or implied toward a subject
authors purpose goal or accomplishment that the author aimed for ssymbolism a noun which has a meaning in itself bit suggests other meanings as well
allusion a brief reference to a person event or place real or fictitious
fact knowledge or info based on real occurrences
opinion a belief or view about something
irony the difference between reality and what was expected
foreshadowing early clues that hint about what will happen later in the literary work
flashback the method of returning to an earlier point in time for the purpose of making the present clearer
dialogue a conversation between two or more people
imagery a set of mental pics to represent objects actions or ideas
compare to examine in order to note similarities and differences
contrast a difference between things
infrence a conclusion reached on the basis of evidence and reasoning
connections similarity/differences

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