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What was the effect of the First Continental Congress do? 1.Suffolk resolves:the repeal of Intolerable Acts to gain back rights by Joseph Galloway
Who was at the First continental congress? delegates:
radical->Patrick Henry, Adams(New England)
moderates->George Washington & John Dickenson
conservatives->John Jay & Galloway-mild protest
colonists do not want to challenge authority

Who was involved in Lexington and Concord? Why did Lexington and Concord start? who?General Gage vs. minutemen Paul Revere and William Dawes
why?British troops tried to seize colonial military supplies in Concord(First shot of the Revolutionary War)
What was the result of Lexington and Concord? British lost by the so called amateur fighters
What is Paul Revere famous for? minuteman who was a Patriot message delivery service in the war who warned colonists of the British troops coming
What was the effect of the olive branch petition? -last effort for peace and loyalty for rights
rejected and made way for the declaration of independence in the 2nd continental congress
What is Thomas Paine famous for? Common Sense which argued for American Independence through logic
How did the Declaration of Independence change everything? A statement written by Thomas Jefferson and Richard Henry Lee declaring independence as well as giving reasons why
How did George Washington help? leader of the colonial army who would later become president after successfully commandeering the war
Thomas Jefferson was best known for? primary author of the declaration of independence
What was Charles Cornwallis known for? general of the British forces who was DEFEATED at Yorktown which ENDED the revolution
What happened at the treaty of paris in 1783? treaty ended the war officially
What are the Articles of Confederation and why was it important? it was the first constitution to grant states individual power by Dickenson
How did the land ordinances of 1785 come about and what was it? What were its effects? a policy that established surveying and selling of western lands
-part of the articles of confederation
How did the Northwest Ordinance of 1787 come about and what was it? What were its effects? Created the Northwest territory(area north of the Ohio River and West of Pen)
-established conditions for creatinf new states
-granted self gov. & prohibited slavery
Who started Shay's rebellion and why was it important? who?Daniel Shay
why?protest mortgage foreclosures(high state tax),lack of paper money,
-rebel farmers stopped the collection of taxes & forced debtor offices to close
-state militia of Mass broke Shay's Rebellion
-highlight need for strong national
Bunker Hill
who?colonial militias vs British
why?first true battle bc over
-British won but suffered great losses
who?John Burgoyne defeated by Horatio Gates & Benedict Arnolds
why?turning pt. of the war bc it led to French joining the war against Great Britain
what?Cornwallis surrounded by french and Americans
why?end American Rev.
Valley Forge
who?George Washington demoralized troops suffered through severe winter
effects of the treaty of paris 1.US independent
2.fishing rights in canada
3.americans pay debts
4.mississippi west boundary of nation
The second continental congress did….. Following the Fighting in Massachusetts delegates discuss:
1.New England wanted to separate and declare independence
2.South hoped conflict could be resolved by negotiating with the British
3. middle colonies-neg. new relations with great britain
Actions of the Second Continental Congress 1. American navy and marine set up for the purpose of attacking British shipping
2.George Washington appointed commander of new colonial army
3.Olive branch Petition
4.prohibitory Act of king in response to olive branch act

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