MS Studies C6

Question Answer
Second/Final capital of the confederacy Richmond, Virginia
Bloodiest Battle / Brought Grant to MS Battle of Shiloh
Reason for Andrew Johnson's impeachment Tried to block the reconstruction acts
Shoestring district 6th congressional district
Blockade Naval forces isolate a seaport & prevent ships from entering or leaving
President Of the Confederacy (Mississippi) Jefferson Davis
Vice-president of the confederacy (Georgia) Alexander Stephens
Union General in charge of troops in Ms General Ulysses S. Grant
Led the confederate troops at the battle of Shiloh General Albert Sidney Johnston & General P.G.T Beaugusrd
Casualties Persons killed , missing , or wounded
Batteries Sets of big guns used for attack/defense
Amnesty Pardon granted to a large group of individuals
Freedmen Slaves who are now full citizens
What Freed All Slaves in Rebellion States Emancipation Proclamation- Lincoln
18th president of the United States Ulysses S. Grant
1st African American Senator Hiram Revels
Scalawags Northerners who moved to the south to support the rights of blacks
KKK (ku klux klan) Secret organization 2 protects whites at the price of creating violence against blacks
Readmission Of Mississippi February 23, 1870
Black Codes (Set of laws that governed and regulated the lives of freedmen in MS)
*name 3*
Not allowed to vote or hold public office If under 18 and not living w parents, were apprenticed to white men Not allowed to gamble or drink alcoholic beverages; if found guilty of this – imprisonment / arrest/ / fine
Confederate States South Carolina, Mississippi, Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Texas, Missouri, Kentucky , Maryland & Delaware
Lincolns Plan Confederate state would be readmitted to the union IF 10% of eligible voters to the oath and allegiance & formed a state government that promised to stay loyal to the union
Time of rebuilding the south and restoring the union after the civil war Reconstruction Period 1865-77
First capital of the confederacy Montgomery
Coming together at an appointed place Rendezvous
Defended position Redoubts
First African American Senator Hiram Revels & Blanch k Bruce
Role of Vicksburg during war (2) 1) Vicksburg's high bluff was hard to capture and controlled all the traffic in the MS River.
2) Capture was a high priority of the Union so mid-western states could be reconnected to transportation
3) If they could be captured, Confederacy supply, like from the west would be halted.
4) Confederacy would be cut in half. Ulysses was captured in Vicksburg July 3, 1863.

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