Rad 111 – Upper Limb wrist bones, upper limb positioning

Question Answer
Os Magnum is also called Capitate
Medial carpal in the proximal row Pisiform
Triquetrum is also the Triangular
One hand contains 14 what? phalanges
Interphalangeal joints are this type diarthrodial
Each hand contains five Metacarpals
Medial carpal in distal row Hamate
Radiocarpal joint is what? Diarthrodial
Scaphoid is also the Navicular
Distal ends of radius and ulna Styloid process
Crown of distal phalanx tuft
Lesser multangular is also the Trapezoid
Articulates with the first metacarpal Greater Multangular/Trapezium
Contains only 2 phalanges First digit
Ulnar flexion demonstrates the Navicular
Second Carpal in proximal row Lunate
Unciform is also the Hamate
Distal Articulation with hamate 5th carpometacarpal joint
Found on one hand relating to joints Nine interphalangeal joints
makes up the palm metacarpals
carpal articulating with the thumb Greater multangular/Trapezium
Only carpal with just one name Pisiform
Lies in close proximity to distal radius Navicular

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