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Which term encompasses the broad range of specialty areas including hairstyling, nail technology, and esthetics? Cosmetology
Archeological studies reveal that early forms of haircutting and hairstyling were practiced in some form as early as the: Ice Age
Cosmetic implements used at the dawn of history were shaped from all of the following EXCEPT:
oyster shells/sharpened flints/bone/tree bark
tree bark
Which ancient culture was the first to cultivate beauty in an extravagant fashion? Egyptian
Ancient Egyptian men and women practiced a form of nail care by staining their nails red using: Henna
Kohl makeup was NOT used in ancient Egypt to:
*protect the eyes from sun glare
*stain the nails before battle
*alleviate eye inflammation
*heavily line the eyes
Stain the nails before battle
During the Chou Dynasty in China, only royals were allowed to: stain their nails gold
During the Golden Age of Greece, women ground cinnabar to produce coloring for: cheeks and lips
In ancient Rome, middle-class women colored their hair: blond

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