Science Chapter 2 I suck at this

Term Definition
Principle of Segregation Each parent only passes 1 allele for an trait
Recessive Trait When an allele is hidden & only shows up when 2 are present in the genotype
Genes A part of the DNA code on an chromosome
Phenotype The combination of genetic makeup and the enviroments effect on that makeup
Genotype The genetic makeup
External Influence (temperature, amount of light) that affects an organism's appearance.
Heredity The passing of traits from parents to offspring
Pea Plants What Gregor Mendel used to study Dominant and Recessive traits
Principle of Independent a Assortment The alleles for 1 trait don’t influence the alleles for another trait
Extinction The end of a species/ habitat is destroyed
Internal Influence Environmental factor (presence of a hormone) that affects an organism appearance.
Allele Different forms of a gene
Punnett Square The hereditary traits in organisms are predicted by an punnett square
Environmental Factors that Affect How much the environment affects phenotype from organism to organism
Evolution The change in genetics of a species over time
Natural Selection They proposed that organisms that are better adapted to an environment survive and reproduce at an greater rate than organisms that are not.
Adaptations A change or the process of change by which an organism or species becomes better suited to its environment
Gender Male or Female
Mutation The process in which DNA changes result in new allels
Examples of Phenotype Shape of a fruit, color of a fruit, and color of eyes
Exampes of Genotype BB, Bb, bb
DNA Found in all cells

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