mr blair unit 1

Question Answer
anthropology refers to the study of the origins and… the development of people and their societies
a coin is an example of an… artifact
shcolars believe that the what, is the era of prehistory that lasted from 2 million BC to about 10000BC old stone age
what is the most important feature of civilazation well organized governments, complex religions, job specialization, social classes, arts and architecture, public works, and writing
belief of many gods is polytheism
….. of jobs was a characteristic of early civilization specializations
the …. was charecterized by settled farming nomadic life
….is the feature of civilization that provides the most important facts religion and writing
what is the time before writing called prehistory
what is the study of past people and cultures through their material remains Archaeology
the leakeys discovered ancient stone tools in a gorge in which country Tanzinia
the first recorded war in history was found in….. between ……and ……. 2700 BCE between sumer and Elam
…., bones and ……. provided anthropologists with the first clued about prehistoric life tools,bones, and pottery
the belief that spirits and forces reside in animals, objects, or dreams animism
the calendar was important so that people knew when to do what farm and plant crops
what is the final era of prehistory the neolithic period
who were specially trained to read and write the scribes
what was one of the basic features of civilization farming
why where ziggurats built to honor gods and goddesses
what was important to historians so that they could read other written documents the writings left by the people
what is the order of the events listed for number 20 on your study guide ( I think its)
1. king Sargon creates the first known empire, Akkad
2. cuneiform, the earliest form of writing , is invented by the Sumerians
3. Persian ruler Cyrus the great conquers Babylon
4. the Israelite set up the kingdom of Israel
who was the god of fertility dionysus
in Egypt the main duty of …… was to over see the bureaucracy bureaus
which ruler is most likely to have built the hanging gardens of Babylon hebuchahezzer
what provided an entry way through the defensive wall the Ishtar gate
Egyptian pharaohs believed their right to rule came from the belief that they were what religious figures
amon re is the God of the sun
osiris is the god of what the dead
isis is the goddes of what magic and motherhood
what is re the god of the king of gods
what did menes do that made a big impact he united the two regions of ancient egypt upper egypt and lower egypt
what did sargon do he created the first empire known to man
what did Nebuchadnezzar do he created the hanging gardens
what did David do united the twelve tribes of Isreal into a single nation
how did the Phoenicians spread across the ancient middle east by trading over the Mediterranean sea
the book used for the after life contained what magic and traditions to help the spirit through the after life
what was the earliest form of writing cuneiform
Sargon of Akkad created the first what known empire
Darius created a stronger what defense
what evidence suggests that toward the end of the stone age, early humans had religions beliefs they put dead body into tombs and did traditions to help them through the afterlife
Describe the impact of the Neolithic Revolution on civilization. The Neolithic Revolution ultimately resulted in population growth, more human interaction among civilizations and advancements in many aspects of life.
how did Osiris come to be known as the god of the dead and god of the Nile According to the form of the myth reported by the Greek author Plutarch, Osiris was slain or drowned, cut up, and thrown into the Nile. that why he is king of the Nile, and king of the dead because he didn't have a proper death ceremony

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