Chapter 3 Religion Chapter 3 Ms. Meyer

Question Answer
Saul’s name changed to ________ Paul
_____________: one who carried out Christ’s mission to preach the Gospel to all nations Missionary
____________: where we find the stories of Paul’s missionary journeys Acts of the Apostles
_____: Someone who is put to death for their faith Martyr
Saint Paul was _________ on his last missionary journey to Rome Shipwrecked
Paul’s shipwreck follows a popular type of ancient adventure story called a __________ Sea Voyage
Saint Paul’s final journey began in Jerusalem and ended in _______ Rome
Because Paul was a Roman citizen, he could appeal his case to Caesar and request a trial in _______ Rome
Paul was __________on his fourth and final missionary journey to Rome Beheaded
Before the Risen Jesus ascended into heaven, he gave his followers the mission ____________________________ to make deciples of all nations
How does the church carry out the mission that jesus first gave to the Apostles? By baptising and welcoming them into the church
Paul's journey began in ___________- Jerusalem

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