Ch 17 quiz

Question Answer
1. What is the wax produced in the ear canal Cerumen
2. What is the term for creating a surgical opening into the TM myringotomy
3. Which is not an ossicle in the middle ear Cochlea
4. Which cranial nerve may be damaged by cholesteatoma seventh 7
5. Walters, caldwell, lateral and submental are used to establish sinus cavities
6. what tissue type are palatine tonsils lymphoid
7. Which is not a category of tonsil tissue laryngeal
8. which are tonsils but referred to as adenoids and atrophy with age pharyngeal
9. Which procedure would the surgical tech need to have a spreader and hook for use Tracheostomy
10. A TMJ decompression is performed lateral jaw
11. Which procedure is performed for sleep apnea UPPP
12. Which structure has stones in the parotid glad steno's gland
13. What is the double action cupped forward angle forcep used to resect portions of the nasal septum Jansen middleton
14. Topical cocaine 4% is used in nasal surgery for anesthesia
15. Antostomy rasps are used in procedures involving which anatomical structures facial sinuses
16. Which descriptions of laryngeal cartilage is correct individual and elastic
17. Which laryngeal cartilage is commonly known as atoms apple thyroid
18. A procedure performed in ICU, ER or PACU tracheotomy
19. Name of long thin tipped, pistol grip type, hand forcep used in nasal procedures takahashi
20. WHich CN carries info from equalibrium to cerebral cortex Eighth VIII
21. Which procedures require use of a microscope stapedectomy
22. How should micro ear instruments be cleaned intraoperative with a micro sponge wipe
23.Baron, frazier and house are suction
24. which gas can cause expansion of the middle and contraindicated in tympanic surgery nitrous oxide
25.Which of the following is the most commonly used autograft in otologic procedures Temporalis fascia
26. Which type of study would be used to diagnose sleep apnea polysomnography
27. Which procedure would be done for excision of cholesteatoma mastoidectomy
28. which instrument is used to measure incus to stape footplate depth gauge
29. which name is common to knives, needles, picks and suction in otologic procedures rosen
30. WHich is not a compartment of the labrynth of inner ear sphenoid sinus
31. In which instrument tray would you find a ballenger swivel knife, cottle elevator and takahashi forceps SMR
32. What is the name of the sharp tipped handheld retractor that can be either single or double and often found in nasal trays Joseph
33. An otorhinolaryngologist is ENT
34. Which laser is used in procedures involving the stapes and middle ear argon
35. Which mechanical action of a drill attachment is most commonly used in otologic procedures rotary
36. What is the name of the structure that separates the outer and middle ear canals from one another tympanic membrane
37. Which part of the tympanic membrane is fibrous, largest and where drainage tubes are insterted pars tensa
38. In myringotomy procedures what does PE stand for pressure equalizing
39. what chronically occurring condition is often the reason for placement of myringotomy tubes in both ears Otitis media
40. Which of the following is all that is necessary for instrument setup for bilateral myringotomy tube placement Mayo stand
41. Which acute infection appears in bony air cells after approximately 10-14 days following an otitis media infection and if untreated may result in meningitis or encephalitis Mastoiditis
42. What is an important step for the surgical technologist to remember to perform when changing burrs on a pneumatic drill put hand piece on safety
43. What is the bony overgrowth of the stapes otosclerosis
44. Epistaxis is known as an acute nosebleed
45. Which diagnostic study is best at delineating between soft tissue and bony structures for diagnosing sinus conditions CT scan
46. Why is a scapular or shoulder roll used in procedures involving the oropharynx Tilt head to increase exposure
47. what is the term that describes a nasal septum that typically causes obstructed breathing in older patients Deviated
48. What is the surgical technologist often asked to do for the surgeon during septal procedures Tap the chisel with the mallet lightly
49. What is an alternate mane for the bony nasal projections known as turbinates conchae
50. All of the following are methods of performing a turbinectomy except percutaneous
51. where is the soft palate located in relation to the nasal cavity posterior and inferior
52. What is the most common cause of nasal polyps allergic rhinitis
53. Which of the paranasal sinuses are numerous, small and located on either side of the bridge of the nose between the eyes Ethmoid
54. Which of the paranasal sinuses are most superior and can be singular or divided frontal
55. Which procedure would require 4mm or 5mm 0degree or angulated lenses and a navigation system for intraoperative guidence FESS
56. Davis and mclvor are names of which type of instrument mouth gags
57. Which of the following is a curved serrated tonsil knife Fisher
58. which objective power lens is most frequently used for _____ 400mm
59. which of the following statements comparing rigid bronchoscopes and esophagoscopes to rigid laryngoscopes is correct A. Bronchoscopes are longer than laryngoscopes and the distal end is straight
60. Which of the following is frequently used as an autograft to replace the mandible in a radical neck dissection Fibula
61. Diagnostic method that assesses the amount of damage to the sound conduction system and determines course of treatment Autiography
62. Diagnostic method that uses cool and warm water introduced into the ear canal to assess balance funtion ELectronystagmography
63. The anatomic structure that connects the middle ear to the nasopharynx Eustachian tube
64. the membranous opening in the wall of the cochlea that recieves vibrations from the stapes in the middle ear Oval window
65. A series of hair cells that directly contract fibers of the cochlea nerve organs of corti
66. The process of cutting up tissue into small pieces to extract it through a small opening morcellation
67. Congenital defect that results in a bony or membranous occlusion of the passageway between the pharynx choanal atresia
68. A device attached to suction that uses gravity to capture specimens such as washings for lab analysis lukens tube
69. Condition of being enlarged due to chronic inflammation may cause obstruction hypertrophy
70. Position achieved by placement of a scapular roll to provide enhanced visualization of the oropharyngeal area hyperextension
True and false 1.F 2.F 3.T 4.T 5.T

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