Sci. Rev. Test

Term Definition
Rene Descartes -philosopher
-"Reason is the source of knowledge"
William Harvey -medicine
-found how blood circulates through the body
Johannes Kepler -astronomy
-said that planets orbit elliptically around the sun
Maria Winkelmann -astronomy
-discovery of a comet
Margaret Cavendish -philosophy
-nature or the atom
Robert Boyle -chemistry
-discovered the relationship of volume of a gas and the pressure put on it
Andreas Vesalius -medicine
-wrote first anatomy book
Antoine Lavoisier -chemistry
-created system of naming elements
Copernicus -astronomy
-said that the planets move around the sun
Galileo Galilei -astronomy
-created the law of falling bodies
Isaac Newton -astronomy
-created laws of gravity and motion
Francis Bacon -philosophy
-created scientific method

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