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Term Definition
vernacular the native language or dialect of a country or region ; everyday or informal language; using everyday language (adj)
rhetorical the effective use of words ( particularly in prose composition) designed to be impressive; showy and oratorical.
provocative stimulating; pushing or tending towards action, thought, or strong feeling.
accentuate to emphasize; to heighten the effect of; to pronounce or mark with accent
intricacy condition or state of being complex, involved, or detailed; elaborateness
introspective given to examination of one's own thoughts and feelings; contemplative.
felicitous well chosen for the occasion; appropriate; apt; having an agreeable or delightful manner of writing or speaking.
usurping to take (power, rights, position, ect.) by force, wrongfully, or without rights
comprehensive of wide scope ; inclusive; thorough
ambiguous having more than one possible meaning; uncertain; vague or unclear.
prologue introductory lines of a play ; the preface to a literary work; an introductory or preceding event.
conjecture an opinion without proof; guesswork; to speculate; to guess
terse brief and to the point ( in writing or speaking); concise
misanthrope an individual who dislikes or distrusts other human beings.
allegory a symbolic story in which people, setting, or actions represent ideas or moral qualities.
dissolute lacking moral restraint; very wicked; immoral; undisciplined
protagonist the main character in a story or play; a person who plays a leading or active part in something
despicable contemptible; deserving of scorn; vile
incongruous not suitable or appropriate; not consistent; not conforming to a pattern.
ferocity the quality or state of being fierce, savage, or relentless.
symposium a meeting for discussing a particular subject; a collection of writing on a subject
forshadow to indicate or suggest beforehand; to give a warning of
scrutinizing to examine closely or critically
evasive avoiding by cleverness; not straightforward; misleading
infer to conclude on the basis of reasoning of observation
lucid easily understood; clear; rational and sane.
perpetuates to make perpetual, ongoing or constant; to cause to be remembered
evoke to call forth; to bring out; to elicit; to produce (a reaction)
epithet word or phrase that describes or characterizes a person or thing; a descriptive name
laudable praiseworthy; commendable

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