Term Definition
Hi! ?Hola!
What is your name? ?Como te llamas?
good morning buenos dias
mister senor
my name is me llamo
good evening buenas noches
and you? (informal) ?y tu?
likewise igualmente
good afternoon buenas tardes
pleased to meet you mucho gusto
delighted encantada
How are you? (informal) ?Como estas?
well bien
thank you gracias
and you? (formal) ?Y usted?
good-bye adios
Miss senorita
see you later hasta luego
see you tomorrow hasta manana
How are you? ?Como esta usted?
very muy
How's it going? ?Que tal?
What's happening? ?Que pasa?
nothing much nada
see you nos vemos
please por favor
Mrs. senora
so-so regular

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