Social studies

Question Answer
What's the major religion in the state of Massachusetts Puritans
Bill of rights copy for this country's bill of rights England 1689
What was the nickname for the Bible The book the good book
Placed on trial for newspaper oracles criticizing the governor of New York in 1733 Peter zinger
Two important results of Peter zingers trial Speech press religion assembly petition
What was the first newspaper Johan gutonburg
What is the economic theory will of a country based on code silver supply game through trade
What is the economic theory will of a country based on gold silver supply gained through trade Mercantilism
What a good brought into a country Import
What a good brought out of the country Export
What is the second largest port in the United States New Orleans
What is it economic protest refusing to buy a problem to support a business Boycott
What is a byproduct from sugarcane exported in 1700 Molasses
What is the molasses act of 1733 Tax ,duty place by British
What is illegal trade of goods Smuggling
What is the total control of a product or business by one person of a company Monopoly
What is the term for trade of slaves among three continents , Africa Europe and North America Triangular slave trade
Who traded sugar tobacco and cotton North America
Which country had textile,rum and manufactured goods Europe
What country exported slaves Africa
What's the term for Atlantic ocean used in the triangular slave trade Middle passage
What was the religious movement in colonies asking for a return to God and religion The great awakening
Who is the leader of the great awakening Jonathan Edwards
Who is the English philosopher par you are in. Known as the age of Enlightenment John Locke
Who is writing false info about the government Peter zinger
What was John Locke's famous theory about the government Social contract theory
What was new discoveries in science of ideas about the government Age of Enlightenment
What is the world without food Famine
Name 2 Leaders of the Enlightenment movement in America Franklin and Jefferson
What was the law for bidding trade with other colonies except the English colonies Navigation act

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